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About Us

About Us

New York Stucco & General Construction, a Westchester County, New York based full service construction and masonry firm has been operating for two decades. When founders Milan Prchal and Juan “JP” Paredes met, neither would’ve imagined the company they created would become the premier construction firm in the New York metropolitan area.

In the early 2000s, Milan and Juan collaborated on various projects. They each had their own businesses; Juan Paredes was running New York Stucco and Milan had ACC Construction. Each had specialties within the construction business, and they realized that if they combined forces, they could create a construction company that could become a leader in sealing the “outer envelope” of buildings ranging from residential to 300+ multifamily buildings.

For twenty years, New York Stucco & General Construction has been committed to the innovation and development of residential and commercial property. Innovation has led them to become the first EIFS installation company to control foam through all stages including keeping job sites free from fly- away foam and recycling excess foam in their own facility. New York Stucco & General Construction maintains a recycling machine that shreds,heats and finally extrudes foam “blocks” that are returned to manufacturers to create new foam products. This commitment to the environment, clients, and, their staff truly makes them unique in the building trades.

New York Stucco & General Construction has grown to 100 employees and is ready to start work on projects in Brooklyn, Manhattan, Westchester, Connecticut and the surrounding areas.