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Commercial FAQS

Commercial FAQS

Cutting Foam Cleanly

New York Stucco and General Construction has been cutting and installing EPS foam board for 20 years and has developed a new, cleaner standard of cutting foam that leaves no styrofoam dust. Traditionally, EPS foam was cut with a utility knife that created shredded edges and considerable styrofoam dust. Our new standard uses a wireless hot-knife that cuts foam cleanly, leaving no residual foam dust, saving time and money and eliminating the chance of fines or work stoppages due to polluting.

Stronger Corners

New York Stucco and General Construction’s innovative, certified pre-made EPS foam corners have changed the way buildings are insulated and corners are finished. Our system starts with certified premade corners that eliminate the need to join multiple pieces of foam insulation at the corners of a building.  Using one certified corner piece eliminates the mess of cutting foam on-site to create interlocking corners. This system cuts waste, keeps jobsites cleaner and creates a stronger corner. This process has been approved by our suppliers for all of our buildings.

Vacuum Rasping

New York Stucco and General Construction implements the rasping process of EIFS foam to our high standard. Traditional rasping allowed foam to fly freely in the wind, but with our eco-friendly rasping process and the use of a turbo vacuum as part of the system, all foam is caught by a vacuum connected to our rasps. This system keeps sites clean and allows us to capture foam and recycle it in our facility.

Clean and Green

New York Stucco and General Construction is leading the way in recycling scrap EPS foam pieces and foam dust with an innovative clean-and-green system that collects foam from job sites, including foam dust, using vacuum raspers. The foam is brought back to our warehouse facility fed into a machine that shreds, and melts the foam before turning it into bricks that are used by manufacturers to create new foam products. Our system adds to a clean build, reduces costs and helps the environment.

Foam Control

New York Stucco and General Construction collects scrap foam pieces and bagging foam dust from our vacuum raspers. These excess materials are bagged and brought to our facility where they are recycled.

Unique Recycling

New York Stucco and General Construction has an innovative process of recycling scrap foam and foam dust creating “bricks” that weigh up to 6 pounds.  The bricks are shipped on pallets to foam manufacturers who then recycle them to create new foam products.