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EIFS (exterior insulation finish system) siding is commonly known and classified as DRYVIT and synthetic stucco siding. EIFS siding refers to a multi layered exterior finish that had originally been used in European construction shortly after World War II, when contractors found it to be an inexpensive choice to repair buildings damaged during the war. Those repairs were mostly comprised of buildings that were constructed of stone, concrete or brick.

New York Stucco and General Construction is the premier contractor and stucco installer for EIFS siding and stucco. We are an established and trusted expert in the New York metro for  installing EIFS siding stucco exterior cladding systems, DryVit siding and synthetic stucco siding materials. 

The most common 3 layers of Stucco EIFS siding are first the foam insulation board with the structural density of a styrofoam cup that

is secured to the exterior wall surface often with an adhesive glue or sealant, or plastic screws for anchoring. The middle or second layer of Stucco EIFS siding is a polymer and cement base coat that is applied to the top of the insulation, and then reinforced with glass fiber or metal mesh. The third surface coating of Stucco EIFS siding is the exterior layer that is extremely vulnerable and is as thin as a quarter, as it is simply a textured finish coat. EIFS siding and DRYVIT synthetic stucco has worked so well for decades as an exterior shell for concrete, stone and brick. 

Stucco siding, EIFS siding, and DRYVIT siding systems are a great option for exterior cladding with its potential to include beautiful architectural elements made from foam rather than expensive stone, insulation advantages, and long lasting durability. 


Many commercial general liability policies contain an exterior insulation and finish systems (EIFS) exclusion, which bars coverage under specific circumstances when EIFS is used in construction. EIFS is also known as synthetic stucco and generally refers to a multi-layered exterior building finish.

New York Stucco and General Construction maintains insurance with EIFS coverage because we believe that our team is the best in the industry at working with, and managing EIFS. Maintaining EIFS insurance is the proper way to do business and protect ourselves and our clients.