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Green Build

Green Build

In the 1990’s, when the foam insulation team came on a job site, it would look like it was snowing in July. Foam insulation by its very nature is hard to control once it’s cut, shaved or rasped outdoors. 

A little foam snow in the 90’s didn’t get developers into much trouble. But it’s 2022 and the Green-build requirements of modern construction have changed the rules. Not only must vendors have clean-up and recycling plans in place, but communities and code enforcement agencies have cracked down on jobsites with fines and work stoppages that can cost developers tens to hundreds of thousands of dollars.

New York Stucco and General Contractors has designed a green and clean system to manage construction foam insulation from end-to-end. New York Stucco’s proprietary system starts by using less foam insulation while still offering full coverage and R7 insulation value.

On site, the foam is installed using our system that makes corners more solid and the need for cutting minimal to non-existent. We control fly-away foam with vacuum sanders, and other foam management techniques honed over our 20 years in the business and driven by our concern for the environment.

At the end of the workday, all excess foam is brought back to our Stamford facility and put through a recycling machine that shreds, melts, and finally extrudes bricks of foam that will be turned back into usable products by the manufacturer.

New York Stucco’s Construction Foam Solution has been used successfully on over 50 multifamily projects in the last 4 years with no fines or work stoppages ever. Clients are thrilled, the environment is protected, and we’re happy to do our part for the planet.