Thin Brick Veneer

Brick has always been an accessible and revered building material throughout the world. From historical monuments to religious landmarks to the privacy of our own homes, brick has always added relevancy and authenticity.  While brick production has reached its peak in the previous century, what has followed subsequently is a trend we all recognize today – the implementation of brick to accentuate authenticity to a closed environment. 

As part of our commitment to ecological conservation, we scour the world to bring this repurposed and beautiful material to numerous commercial, residential and masonry projects all across the New York metropolitan area. As it’s not easy to simply throw a pile of old bricks to your home, we slice salvaged bricks into tile thickness that can be used as wall veneer or tiles. So whether doing a kitchen back-splash in your home, or adding some history to your restaurant with an accent wall, our reclaimed thin brick makes this easy.