Traditional Hard Stucco

As per the name, New York Stucco & General Construction is adept at meeting your stucco needs and we’ve been doing it for twenty years. Stucco remains one of the popular options for exterior finishes for homes. It is attractive, low in maintenance and fire-resistant sheathing. It is however one option and an option that is only as good as its application. Its suitability depends on the climate. 

Traditional stucco siding is a mix of Portland cement, sand, lime and water; it’s similar to concrete. A wire mesh is nailed to the side of the house, right over the house wrap, and special flashing is installed around windows and doors. Three coats of stucco are troweled over the wire mesh – a scratch coat, a brown coat and then the colored topcoat, to which pigment has been added.

There’s curing time needed between coats, and stucco can be properly applied only at an ideal temperature. If stucco is done when the weather is cold, we’ll make sure to enclose and heat the area.